“Großvaters tattoos” performance at Performance Garten 8 at TanzFaktur,
Siegburgerstr. 233W 50679 Köln September 4

Alexandra Nikitina
born 1989, Kyiv Ukraine
KAMA diploma 2016

Selected exhibitions and publications:

2021 Feb-Mar“…so lonely” as part of a group exhibition Plakatwand at Unser Ebertplatz, Cologne;

2019 “Men Pretty Very Much” performance at Press Kiosk 29, Kyiv;

2018: Sept-Oct “No image available” (group exhibition “Я синоптик” at A.K.T., Kyiv;

Sept “No image available” published in “Eject” magazine, Weimar;

”End” (group exhibition “The Pool”) at Alte Handelsschule, Leipzig;

May-June “O.T.” (group exhibition “151 sec”) at K-56, Leipzig;

May “Please do not dance” screened at NYG West, Leipzig;

2017: June “Nazdorovje!” performance at Dope Shifu, Shanghai;

May “Sendep” performance and video (group exhibition “I am not there”) in Kyiv History Museum during the Kyiv Art Week, Kyiv.