Alexandra Nikitina

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Thrips Season (1)
by {Xïæna} September 03 - 17 2022
NEULAND Projektraum ROTTSTR. 15
44793 BOCHUM

Thrips Season exhibition at Neuland Projektraum 03-17.09.2022 Rottstraße 15 44793 Bochum

Thrips Season embraces aesthetics of fantasy science and the fake news of the past as an artistic instrument to reflect on the concept of fake and truth, to tell multi layered story about experiences of a medically tested on, measured and described body, that simultaneously holds within itself the social implications on procreation.
The center of the project is a human self-impregnation. The body of the self-impregnated human creature, as well as the result of this pregnancy transcends from the sacred into godless and deviant, achieved through the fertile masturbation taking obscure forms in body mutation. The child of this pregnancy vulnerable and grotesque exposed in its unfinished form of an embryo is ultimately misunderstood and rejected as kids around the world are, who are neurodivergent, queer, immigrant, disabled or just weird. Existing human beings perceived less worthy than embryos as potential humans, for rights of whom conservative public is fighting for at the same time forgetting of annoying already existing kids that slightly differ from the societal image of “correct” humans and are perceived as pests. Just like thrips, little insects, that occupy your house plant multiplying on their own, self reproduce.

The project created by the fluid group of artists, scientists and researchers xїæna led by the artists Alexandra Nikitina and Ronja Paffrath.
After the performance with a prosthetic belly and Packer/Baby for Please come home festival in Cologne in June, there will be the first exhibition of Thrips Season with an opening with artists present on 02.09.2022 at Neuland Projektraum in Bochum